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Paving Jointing Compounds: A Comprehensive Guide

Paving Jointing Compounds: A Comprehensive Guide

Paving jointing compounds are essential for achieving a professional and durable finish in paving projects. Whether you're laying a new patio, a driveway, or garden paths, understanding the right products and techniques can make a significant difference. In this blog, we'll explore what paving jointing compounds are, how to use Easy Joint Paving Compound, whether jointing compounds can be used on block paving, and what the top 3 paving compounds we recommend.


What is Paving Jointing Compound?

Paving jointing compound, often referred to as jointing sand or mortar, is a material used to fill the gaps between paving slabs or stones. This compound helps to lock the individual paving units together, preventing movement and providing a stable and aesthetically pleasing surface.

There are various types of jointing compounds, including traditional sand and cement mixes, resin-based compounds, and modern polymeric sands. These materials not only enhance the appearance of paved areas but also help to prevent weed growth and increase the longevity of the paving by providing a resilient, weather-resistant joint.


How to Use Easy Joint Paving Compound?

Easy Joint is a popular type of paving jointing compound known for its ease of use and effectiveness. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Easy Joint Paving Compound:


  1. Preparation: Ensure that the paving slabs are laid firmly and the surface is clean. The joints should be free from any debris or loose material.
  1. Wet the Surface: Soak the entire area with water. Easy Joint is designed to be used in wet conditions, which helps the compound flow into the joints easily.
  1. Apply Easy Joint: Pour the Easy Joint compound directly onto the wet surface. Using a broom, brush the compound into the joints. Ensure that all joints are filled adequately.
  1. Compact the Joints: Use a pointing tool to compact the jointing compound into the gaps. This step ensures that the joints are fully filled and tightly packed.
  1. Wash Off Excess: Once the joints are filled, wash off any excess compound from the surface of the paving using a hose or watering can. Ensure all surplus material is removed to avoid staining.
  1. Curing Time: Allow the compound to set. Easy Joint typically cures within 24 hours, depending on weather conditions.


Can You Use Jointing Compound on Block Paving?

Yes, jointing compounds can be used on block paving. However, it's essential to choose the right type of compound for the specific application. Traditional sand-based jointing compounds are commonly used for block paving, but polymeric sands and resin-based compounds can also be effective.

When using a jointing compound on block paving, follow these tips:

- Ensure the blocks are clean and dry before applying the compound.

- Choose a product that is suitable for the type of block paving you have.

- Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to achieve the best results.

Using a high-quality jointing compound on block paving can help prevent weed growth, reduce the likelihood of ants creating nests, and provide a more stable surface.

Here is what we recommend at Ashbrook Roofing Supplies:

What is the Best Paving Compound?

Choosing the best paving compound depends on the specific requirements of your project. Here are some of the top options:


  1. Easy Joint: Known for its simplicity and effectiveness, Easy Joint is a great all-around choice for most paving projects. It’s water-permeable, durable, and easy to apply, making it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
  2. Sika FastFix All Weather: Another reliable choice, Sika FastFix is easy to use and suitable for various types of paving. It sets quickly and provides a strong, resilient joint.
  3. Sika Setting Sand: This is one of the best Sand based jointing compounds to use, due to its simplicity and high quality aspects making it suitable for both DIY and Professional use.

In conclusion, the best paving compound for your project will depend on the specific needs and conditions of your paving area. Consider factors like ease of application, weather resistance, and the intended use of the paved surface when making your selection. With the right jointing compound, you can ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish for your paving projects.


Here at Ashbrook Roofing Supplies, We stock a variety of landscaping supplies from Jointing Compounds, Paving Sealers, Patio Cleaners, Paving Slabs and Decorative aggregates.

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