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Natural Phyllite

Natural Phyllite

Riverstone Phyllite has a natural medium grey finish that is free from any pigmentation, making it impervious to the effects of bright sunlight. It is a particularly high-density rock, meaning
its hard wearing surface will not take on general atmospheric
dirt or scar and pit as a result of acid rain in more polluted
environments. Its low porosity also ensures exceptional
resistance to the damaging effects of the freeze-thaw cycles
on the rock.

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Where is natural phyllite sourced from?

The Riverstone quarry is located in La Represa, deep in central Argentina, situated between the Pampas and the Andes mountain range. Riverstone is a Phyllite stone formed within a pre-Cambrian rock sequence around 640 million years old. It is the only source of this type of stone locally, and there are only a few sources of Phyllite stone available worldwide, making commercially accessible Phyllite stone extremely rare.

Which standards does it meet?

This stone has gone through vigorous testing to ensure that is meets the standards of modern building regulations. Below are a few examples of test that the riverstone has successfully passed:

Standard Description of test Result Commentary
EN 1542:1999 Max Pull Off Load 3.3kN (Min 2.6kN, max 4.8kN) The test specifies a method for measuring the tensile bond strength of Riverstone. It was performed with adhesive ARDEX X7Gplus
EN 1936 Density and Porosity 2790kg/m3 0.2% Riverstone is denser than most stones, therefore it has a better life expectancy. The low porosity represents a good wearing surface that resists infiltration by polluting articles
EN 13755 Water Absorption at Atmospheric Pressure 0.2% Riverstone achieves extremely low water absorption which is an indicator of its minimal susceptibility to damage during freezing.
EN 14157 Abrasion Resistance 25mm Riverstone performs within the criteria of the test, which assesses the strength of the bonds between the comprising minerals, testing more than just the basic hardness of the stone.
EN 13161 4-point Flexural Strength 49.2MPa The achieved results prove a low likelihood of cracking or breaking when used for external cladding.
EN 12371 Frost Resistance 44.4MPa During the 56 freeze-thaw cycles used to perform the test, Riverstone achieves significant results above the minimum expected value of 30.6MPa.
EN 12370 Salt Crystallisation -0.05% change (pass) On the basis of not exhibiting any significant changes as a result of the testing, the stone offers good resistance to the effects of salt crystallisation
EN 14066 Thermal Shock -0.02% The test did not induce any physical or aesthetic changes, therefore the stone offers resistance to thermal shock.
EN 13364 Breaking Load at Dowel Hole 5.65kN Riverstone was subjected to transverse pull-out tests to determine the mechanical and physical behaviour of the stone, deeming it suitable for dimensional cladding.
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