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Bulk Shop & Bespoke Pricing

Bulk Shop & Bespoke Pricing

We are happy to say that we offer bulk shopping and bespoke pricing to all of our trade accounts. We have a dedicated team which work with our trade accounts to allow us to give you the best price for the products you want. Whether you're getting 10 pallets of slates, or 6 cubes of lathes we can offer bespoke pricing to suit your needs. Not only that, but it will save you time and money to buy in bulk.

We as a company buy in bulk to allow us to have the stock you need, so why should it be different for you? As a roofer, you will always need Lathes, why not bulk buy these to save you time and money in the long run. We can offer special bulk buys to any customer for any product. These are a few products that we especially buy in bulk, that will save you time and money if you did too.

One Time Purchase Bulk Buys

If you're considering a one-time bulk purchase, contacting our trade counter is the perfect way to make your purchase process seamless and efficient. Our trade counter is specifically designed to cater to bulk orders, ensuring you receive the products you need in a timely manner. By reaching out to our trade counter, you'll have direct access to our knowledgeable and dedicated team who will assist you in navigating the purchasing process. Whether you have specific product requirements or need assistance with pricing and delivery options, our trade counter experts are there to provide you with personalized attention and help you make the most informed decisions. Contacting our trade counter for your one-time bulk purchase ensures a streamlined experience and reinforces our commitment to meeting your unique business needs.

Recurring Bulk Purchases

Creating a trade account for recurring bulk purchases is a smart move if you frequently require large quantities of products. By establishing a trade account with us, you gain access to a host of benefits designed to simplify your purchasing process. Firstly, a trade account allows for efficient order management, ensuring seamless reordering and reducing administrative burdens. Additionally, trade accounts often come with personalized pricing structures and discounts, providing cost savings for your recurring bulk purchases. With a dedicated account manager assigned to your trade account, you'll have a trusted point of contact who understands your specific needs and can assist with any queries or concerns. Creating a trade account streamlines the procurement process, saves time, and allows for a more productive business partnership.

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