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Mastering Shed Felt Application: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Manual

Mastering Shed Felt Application: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Manual

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on the effective application of your shed felt. In this detailed walkthrough, we'll guide you through the process of fitting your shed felt to your shed or summer house roof, ensuring optimal durability and weather resistance.

Section 1: Choosing the Right garden shed felt

Our diverse range of shed felts caters to various needs, offering excellent durability options with 5-year economy, 15-year standard, and premier 25-year lifespan choices. Find the ideal weatherproofing solution for your roof with our quality products.

Section 2: Preparing for Application

Before embarking on the application process, ensure the roof surface is clean, free of debris, and without protruding nails. Gather essential tools and fixings, including your shed felt, clout nails, felt adhesive, application brush, tape measure, and claw hammer.

Section 3: How to fit shed felt

Understanding Roof Terminology Familiarize yourself with roof terminology such as eaves, substrate, and ridge.

  1. Ensure a 50mm overhang over the eaves and a 75mm overhang at the gable ends for secure folding.
  2. When applying the Shed Felt, Begin at the bottom edge of the eaves, working upward towards the ridge on pitched roofs for effective rainwater runoff.
  3. Lay the felt flat against the roof and secure with nails at 100mm intervals, increasing to 300mm intervals at the bottom edge.
  4. Neatly fold and nail the corners, maintaining a minimum 75mm overlap for the shed felt laps.
  5. Apply adhesive to the felt laps using a paintbrush and secure the top section to the ridge with nails at 50mm intervals.
  6. Cut through the center of the gable end overlap and secure edges with cloud nails spaced at 75mm intervals.
  7. Tidying Up Complete the process by tidying up gable ends with a fascia board and trimming excess felt from underneath.

Congratulations! You've mastered the art of applying shed felt to your shed or summer house roof, ensuring effective weatherproofing and extending the lifespan of your structure. We trust this guide has been instrumental in your project. 

If you require a visual walk through or more guidance on installing shed felt then please visit our youtube video:

For further technical advice and a comprehensive range of roofing solutions, visit our website ( or scan the QR code on your product packaging. Thank you for joining us, and stay tuned for more insightful tips and guides.

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