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Shed Felt

Shed Felt

Shed Felt

Shed Felt is used on most garden buildings across the UK, this is the one you are most likely to encounter in  D.I.Y. stores and garden centres. This article will give you a brief shed felt comparison. So when you're picking your materials, you'll know what to look for.

Good quality shed felt is made from a compressed cloth-fibre base, which is then covered with modified bitumen. During manufacture, the felt is coated on one side with a coloured mineral finish.

The fibre-base provides the strength, flexibility and tear resistance of the roofing felt, whilst the bitumen provides the waterproofing. The mineral finish prevents the bitumen from melting in the heat of the sun – and is coloured to create a pleasing finish.

types of shed felt
From the left: 10m rolls of Heavy Duty, Premium and Value Shed Felt

From the left: 10 m rolls of Heavy Duty, Premium and Value Shed Felt. Cheapest is not always best!

Shed Felt Comparison

Most standard / premium shed felt is designed with a life expectancy of 5 years in mind. As with all building supplies, there are different grades available – buyer beware!

Quality and life expectancy change in relation to the quality, type of fibre and the weight of materials used in manufacture. Cheap shed felts and Value brands (and those imported from outside of the UK) generally use lower quality raw materials in order to save costs.

Often the cloth fibre found in premium brands is replaced with matted card fibre. Experts say that this reduces the tear resistance and makes the felt harder to bend around the edges of the shed without the shed felt cracking.

To save costs further, less materials are used. Cheap shed felt may weigh much less than a standard 18 kg roll. Expect lighter, value or cheap shed felt to last considerably less than standard or premium grades.

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