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Benuza Blue Heavy Slates

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Benuza Blue Heavy Slate

Benuza Blue Heavy Slate is a rugged version of the Benuza Blue 1st grade roofing slate. Quarried from the same mountains in La Bana, Benuza Blue Heavies offer you a stronger slate, more characterful shadow line, and deeper depth and contrast than a standard or first-grade slate.

Heavy slates are traditionally used in areas of high wind or heavy snowfall. As such they are a slate ideally suited for cottages, or older buildings where character is key. Additionally, the Benuza Blue Heavy looks fantastic on barn conversions, where a thinner, cleaner slate would look out of place.

The Benuza Blue lies extremely well for a heavy slate - a testament to the high-quality control at the quarry.  Part of our Slates and roof tiles collection

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy-grade quality blue-grey roofing slate. Transforms into a beautiful slate roof with a strong depth of character and shadow line.
  • Strong vertical grain produces a naturally stronger slate.
  • Easily worked, with minimum waste.
  • 7-9mm thickness.
  • 30-year quarry-backed guarantee.

Buyers note:
If you know the quantities required, then you are welcome to order online. If you would like us to provide a free estimate from your plans, require a sample or two, or would like to have a general chat about all things roofing, then please give us a call on 01629 732988.

If you want to order large quantities of roofing slate, please give us a call on 01629 828500 to discuss pricing.

Benuza Blue Heavy Slates are available as a classic 7-9mm heavy or as a 'cleaner' 5-6mm 1st grade.

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