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Black Jack Self Adhesive Flashing Tape 909

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Everbuild Black Jack Self Adhesive Flashing Tape 909 

This lead flashing alternative produced by Everbuild is a self-adhesive flashing tape that is comprised of aluminium foil and a bitumen rubber adhesive. Once applied this flashing tape provides lead-free flashing and a strong waterproofing seal.

This Everbuild Black Jack flashing tape is easy to apply and form by hand, and is suitable for a number of uses such as flashing a variety of roofing elements like parapet walls and skylights, replacing lost flashing and repairs to lead guttering and concrete as well as being used as a sealing tape for coach bolts (fixing bolts) and roof ridge.

On the application on porous surfaces such as concrete and brick, the surface will need to be primed with the Blackjack Flashing and Primer

The tape must first be cut to the required length.  Approximately 5cm of paper must be peeled back to reveal the adhesive side that can then be placed into position. When in place the rest of the paper can be removed to whilst firmly placing the tape to avoid unnecessary creasing. Overlaps should be at least 25mm.

Product Specification and Technical Information:

Product Information  
Colour Lead - look
Shelf Life 24 months from Manufacture in tightly sealed undamaged tins
Storage Details Store in original container in cool dry conditions (5°c - 25°c)

Foil Thickness - 50µm

Adhesive Thickness - 1.3mm

Elongation at Break


Service Temperature -10°c - +80°c
Tape Strength


Ambient Temperature Range 5°c - 40°c
Weight 1.4 kg/m²

Data Sheet:

Black Jack 909 Technical Data Sheet

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