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Eaves Guard Rigid Felt Support Trays, 1.5m

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Eaves guard rigid felt support trays prevents roof leakage and damage caused by the rotting of roofing membrane, soffits and rafter feet at the roof eaves.

Simple to install, the rigid felt support trays are nailed to the rafter along the eaves of the roof. Roofing membrane (roofing felt), roof battens, tiles or slates are then installed as normal.

Roofing membrane often rots where it is exposed to direct sunlight (whilst waterproof, roofing membranes are not UV stable) or where water collects or pools over long periods of time. These issues are most likely to occur at the roofs eaves where water is directed of the roof and into the gutter. The rotting of the roofing membrane at this critical point can cause serious damage to the property. Water, rather than running directly into the gutter, will gradually penetrate the fabric of the roof. Eaves guard rigid felt support trays prevent this by providing a solid barrier to water at this weak point of the roofing structure, providing roof eaves protection against the elements.

Buyers notes:
It is recommended that eaves guard rigid felt support trays are used in all new build or refurbishment / repair projects to give the roof eaves protection.

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