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Klober Universal Flexi Pipe for Roof Vents

by Klober
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Klober Universal Flexi Pipe is used with a separate adaptor to link one of Klober's discreet range of roof vents to extract ventilation ducting or soil stack pipework. Typically, this flexible pipe could be used to connect ducting from a bathroom extractor fan to a Klober roof vent.

This flexible pipe features a 100mm (4 inch) collar at each end. The ventilator end has a simple, clip-on fitting, which attaches directly to a Klober Plain Tile Vent Adaptor. The other end has a universal fitting for easy attachment to 100mm ducting or piping. When stretched to its full extent the Flexi Pipe has a length of 540mm.

Klober Universal Flexi Pipe features an extending, galvanised steel spring, enclosed in flexible PVC. The double-ply PVC is strong and durable, with a long-life expectancy.

For total convenience we supply Klober flexible pipes singly for DIYers, or in trade quantities for professional use. Please note that we also stock a combined Klober Plain Tile Vent Adaptor & Flexi Pipe kit, with both handy components in a single package.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple, flexible piping to connect a Klober roof vent adaptor to extract ducting or soil stack pipes.
  • Fast, snap fitting to a roof mounted Klober Plain Tile Vent Adaptor.
  • Provides a fully integrated, easy to fit bathroom, kitchen, or soil stack ventilation solution.
  • Durable, with a long-life expectancy.
  • Manufacture: Galvanised steel spring enclosed in double-ply PVC.
  • Product Code: KG979900.
  • Brand: Klober.
  • Size: 100mm connectors, 540mm long (fully extended).
  • Colour: Black.
  • Standards: Compliant with UK Building Regulations.
  • Recyclable.

Buyer's notes:
Also available packaged with the Klober Adaptor as a handy connector kit for a single Klober roof vent:

  • Klober Plain Tile Vent Adaptor & Flexi Pipe (Product Code: KG992800).
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