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Limestone 20mm To Dust (for use as Ballast): 800 KG Bulk Bag

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Limestone 20mm To Dust 800kg Bulk Bag

20mm to Dust is a highly popular material in the Landscaping and Building world; predominantly used as sub-bases for new garden patios, garden sheds and underneath Artificial Grass and Decorative garden areas.

This naturally-derived product is made of a naturally-occurring stone in the UK, which is fairly soft in nature and can be quite brittle. This aggregate is a fine, graded limestone which goes right down to dust in terms of particles; having very similar properties to sand. 

Due to the nature of this aggregate, the sizes and colours can vary slightly as some Limestone will be quarried in various places around the UK. For this reason, it isn't classed as a decorative garden product, but is perfect for the Trade. 

20mm Dust Limestone for Sub-Bases
The qualities of these Limestone aggregates are very similar to that of MOT Type 1; these building aggregates make for great mediums used for levelling areas out. 

When it comes to laying a shed, however you plan to sit the shed on the ground, you'll need a sturdy sub-base that contains permeable materials. This makes 20mm Limestone the perfect aggregate to use; the 20mm pieces of stone are great for the permeable side of the base, and the 'dust' is great for filling in small gaps, ready for a garden shed to be placed on.

Other sub-bases Limestone to Dust can be used for include hard landscaping features such as garden Paving and Artificial Grass. The applies to Paving as it does when it comes to adding a shed; a permeable, yet sturdy sub-base layer must be laid down first, to give it the best chances of standing the test of time. 

You can also use Limestone 20mm to Dust for sub-base applications such as pathways, driveways and Decorative Stone features. Laying a sub-base at a depth of at least 30mm is really important, especially when it comes to driveways, as the aggregates will inevitably compact over time under the weight of vehicles.

This product is quarried as a natural stone that is graded down to dust; for this reason, we wouldn't recommend using it for decorative applications such as garden borders or features. Limestone is also a very soft, natural stone, so while it is sturdy as a sub-base when laid to a certain depth, we wouldn't recommend solely laying it on your driveway, as the small piece of Limestone will break up over time and turn to dust.   
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