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Premium Lead Expansion Joint: 3m x 400mm

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Premium Lead Expansion Joint

Use this 3m x 400mm, Premium Lead Expansion Joint roll to install lead-lined parapet or eaves gutters without drip joints. The central, neoprene section of the joint absorbs the thermal expansion and contraction of the guttering. This prevents warping and distortion of the installed guttering during hot weather.

These lead joints are supplied by Premium Roofing Products Ltd., one of the UK's leading manufacturers of lead jointing solutions. Individual joints are cut to the required size from the 3-metre roll. The material is constructed from a watertight, flexible neoprene strip, bonded to Code 5 lead wings. The tough, durable bond is formed during the vulcanising process.

The Lead Sheet Association (LSA) recommends the fitting of expansion joints at centres of around 2 metre. The LSA also specifies joint placement at 1 metre, either side of a corner or outlet. Fitting is a straightforward job for a competent roofer with lead welding experience. The guttering sections are laid over the joint with a 25mm overlap. The lead wings are then lap welded to form the watertight, expandable connection. Precautions must be taken to avoid damaging the neoprene strip during welding. The neoprene must also be protected when applying patination oil.

These 3m x 400mm, Premium Lead Expansion joints come with a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. The typical life expectancy of a professional installation is 20 years plus. This type of joint is recommended as a cost-effective alternative to expensive substrate restructuring.

Data sheet:

Premium Lead Expansion Joint Technical Datasheet

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