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Premium Lead Sheet Cleaner 1litre

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Premium Lead Sheet Cleaner

Use this Premium Lead Sheet Cleaner to clean accumulated dirt and grime from sheet lead roofing and flashing. This liquid cleaner will shift bird muck, and other natural stains, along with airborne dirt and pollution. This product is perfect for freshening the appearance of weathered lead or preparing the surface for major restoration.

Premium Lead Sheet Cleaner is easy to apply simply use a cloth or a nylon scourer to work the liquid into the surface grime. After a thorough clean, the lead must be washed down and dried. If you are just giving the lead a general clean, a patination oil can be applied after cleaning to slow down the formation of leads natural, powdery-white patination.

Premium Lead Sheet Cleaner can also be used as the first stage of a full, lead restoration process. We recommend the use of either G1 or G3 lead restorer to complete the job. All three products are manufactured by industry specialists, Premium Roofing Products Ltd.

This special, lead cleaning solution can be shipped for next day delivery if ordered before 2pm from Ashbrook Roofing Supplies.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleans roofing lead without the need for special tools or equipment.
  • Helps to remove natural dirt, grime and pollution.
  • Freshens the appearance of dirty, weathered lead.
  • Can be used for a general clean-up, or as the first stage of lead restoration.
  • One litre of solution will clean 5 to 10m2 of lead sheet.
  • Manufacture: Sodium metasilicate in aqueous solution.
  • Product Code: N/A.
  • Brand: Premium Roofing Products Ltd.
  • Size: 1 litre.
  • Appearance: Pale golden fluid.
  • Weight: TBA.
  • Standards: N/A.
  • Not recyclable.

Buyer's notes:
The British Lead Sheet Association recommend that to protect your lead flashing and reduce the likelihood of white deposits forming on clean lead, Lead Patination Oil should be applied immediately after cleaning.
Please note that Lead Sheet Cleaner wont remove patination oil, bitumen, or tar stains.

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