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Sovereign Epoxy Repair & Anchoring Resin (410ml)

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Sovereign Epoxy Repair and Anchoring Resin is a multi-purpose anchor resin. It can be used as a high impact adhesive and is especially suitable for anchoring into most types of masonry.
A very tough and reliable solution when it comes to fixing heavy duty problems. The ideal product to use to mend difficult materials when a standard resin,  sealant or bit of mortar just won’t do the job.

Sovereign Epoxy Repair and Anchoring Resin is designed to anchor into concrete, stone, brick work, and masonry. Anchor Resin can also be used for crack repair, fixing balustrades, handrails, racking and holding down machinery.

Features and Benefits:

  •     Life expectancy of 20 years – Far less expense is the long run.
  •     Always flexible and durable – much easier to apply and very hard wearing.
  •     Fixes difficult materials – even if access is difficult.

Buyers Notes:
Anchor resin requires a specialist skeleton gun applicator. In normal conditions, Sovereign Epoxy Repair and Anchoring Resin will be useable in less than two hours of application.

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