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SSQ Del Carmen First Spanish Slate

by SSQ
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SSQ Del Carmen 1st Spanish Slate

SSQ Del Carmen 1st slate is a high-quality roofing slate that is a stunning non-fading blue/black colour.

It has a characteristic rippled riven texture and a longitudinal grain - similar to Welsh Slates.

SSQ Del Carmen boasts a well-graded slate that is 5-6mm thick with minimal pyrite.

SSQ are so confident in the quality of the slate that there is a rust-free guarantee included with a 75-year life guarantee SSQ are the only slate manufacturers in the industry to offer this on their slates.

These slates have gone through rigorous testing in accordance with BS EN12326, Norm Franois (NF 228) and the ASTM (American Standard). Part of the NF 228 all Del Carmen has barcode traceability back to source ensuring that it is a constant top-quality slate every time.

As part of the BS EN12326 a range of attributes were tested, including the 3 most critical areas:

Water Absorption (Can be referred to as an A)

Natural slates are valuable to cracking in cold weather if they absorb excessive water. To reach a standard of W1 slates must absorb <0.06% of its mass in water. The SSQ Del Carmen First reaches this standard.

Terminal Cycle

This area checks for the likelihood of corrosion through rust or oxidisation due to pyrites that are present in slates. There are three grades for T:

T1 - No apparent charge in the slate, or slight rust that doesn't compromise the structure of the slate or leave rust colour runs of discolouration

T2 - Oxidation/apparent changes of the metallic inclusions with the slate. There is no structural change with the slate but runs of discolouration are present

T3 - Oxidation/apparent changes in metallic inclusions are present and penetrate the slate comprising structure and risk holes forming on the slate.

All SSQ slates reach the level of T1 with the Del Carmen's added rust-free guarantee as an extra level of quality.

Sulphur Dioxide Exposure

This tests the slates ability to resist pollutants in the air and to measure any softening of the slates that might occur from chemical disintegration of carbonate content.

S1 - No change

S2 - Slates must be 5mm or thicker

S3 - Slates must be at least 8mm

Spanish Del Carmen's are rated S1 for Sulphur Dioxide testing and carry a CE mark.

The slates have been approved for use in National Parks, including Snowdonia, as a suitable alternative to Welsh Slate.

Head Lap

Below are the charts for the recommended head based on both moderate exposure and severe exposure to wind-driven rain. This map can be seen on BS 5534:2014+A2 2018.

United Kingdom

In general, any area that is within 30 miles of a west-facing coastline is considered to be in a severe exposure area.

This being said, localised effects on any site must be taken into consideration.

Further reference to BS 8104 is advisable to ascertain localised effects.



Below are the charts for Del Carmen's coverage. Please note that no allowance for wastage has been added to these charts.

Please refer to the SSQ Natural Roofing Slate Design and Fixing Guide in the downloads section.



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