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Exploring the Differences:  Manthorpe G630 vs. Timloc 5560 Felt Lap Vents

Exploring the Differences: Manthorpe G630 vs. Timloc 5560 Felt Lap Vents

Roof ventilation plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and functional living
space. Proper ventilation helps combat issues like condensation build-up,
promoting the longevity of the roof structure and creating a more comfortable
environment. When it comes to what you can do to combat condensation in your
roof space, two prominent players stand out: the Manthorpe G630 and the Timloc
5560 felt lap vents. In this article, we'll delve into the benefits, and efficiency of
each product, shedding light on their features and importance to your roof.

Manthorpe G630 Felt Lap Vent:
The Manthorpe G630 felt lap vent is a product designed to increase the amount
of ventilation into existing roof spaces. With joist centres ranging from 400mm, it
is versatile and can be easily fitted retrospectively to properties with varying roof

Key Features:
Efficient Design: The G630 is engineered to combat the problem of
condensation build-up by providing effective airflow through the lapped felt
membrane construction. Its design ensures that the edge of the felt remains
well-ventilated, preventing moisture-related issues.

Easy Installation:
One of the standout features of the Manthorpe G630 is its
user-friendly installation process. Felt clips help secure the vent in place, making
it easy to fit and ensuring a secure attachment to the roof structure. This
simplicity in installation makes it an attractive option for both DIY enthusiasts
and roofing professionals.

Timloc 5560 Felt Lap Vent:
On the other side of the spectrum, the Timloc 5560 felt lap vent offers its own set
of features and benefits tailored to the needs of lapped felt membrane

Key Features:

Tapered Lead Compatibility: An outstanding feature of the Timloc 5560 is its
compatibility with tapered lead. This design allows for a seamless fit with the
tapered lead edge of the felt, ensuring a snug and efficient ventilation solution
for the roof space.

Felt Clips for Increased Ventilation:
Similar to the Manthorpe G630, the
Timloc 5560 utilizes felt clips to help increase the amount of ventilation into
existing roof spaces. This feature contributes to the prevention of condensation
build-up and promotes a healthier roof environment.

Easy Integration with Loft Insulation:
The Timloc 5560 is designed to work
harmoniously with additional loft insulation. This makes it a suitable choice for
properties that have recently undergone insulation upgrades, as it seamlessly
integrates into spaces with enhanced insulation properties.

Efficiency in Combatting Condensation:
The vent's placement and design
effectively combat the problem of condensation build-up at the edge of the felt.
This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the roof structure and preventing
long-term damage.

Comparative Analysis:
Installation Process: Both vents boast an easy installation process, thanks to
the incorporation of felt clips. However, the Timloc 5560's compatibility with
tapered lead may offer a slight advantage for certain roof configurations.
Ventilation Efficiency: Both vents are designed to combat condensation issues
effectively. The choice between the two depends on the the preferences of the
installer due to them both allowing the same amount of airflow if used correctly.
The difference between standard ventilation and using felt lap vents
Ventilation of the roof built into your home would have been sufficient during

However, if you add something that may cool the surface of the loft (such as
adding more insulation ) or if you reduce the efficiency of existing ventilation
(partially or completely block existing vents), which people think are outdated,
we need to think again. Make sure the existing vents are not blocked.

Common things that can increase the risk of condensation in the loft:

  • Placing insulation on top of the existing vents.
  • The water tank inside the loft is hot and water vapour enters the loft (this
  • is the job of the plumber).
  • Excessive water vapour from your home rises into the attic. Perhaps
  • through a gap around a light, toilet, loft hatch.
  • An Increased insulation level of the attic without providing extra ceiling
  • ventilation.

When it comes to you having condensation in your roof space, the Manthorpe

G630 and Timloc 5560 emerge as reliable solutions, each with its unique set of
features. Both vents offer efficient solutions to enhance roof ventilation and
combat condensation-related issues. Ultimately, the choice between the two will
depend on the preferences of the installer and your budget.

If you have condensation in your roof space and are looking for a fix, then here at Ashbrook Roofing Supplies we supply both the Manthorpe G630 and the Timloc 5560 Felt Lap Vent. You can get them here: Loft Vents | Ashbrook Roofing Supplies

Alternatively, if you are after more information then you can visit our Felt Lap Vent Information Page, Which has more information on felt lap vents, the amount of felt lap vents you need and also an installation video on "how to fit felt lap vents"

If you need any further advice on felt lap vents, condensation or roofing supplies in general, please contact us on 01629732988 or emails us at and we will be happy to help.
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