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Britmet's Liteslate is our innovative synthetic slate roofing tile made from 94% recycled polymers with all the characteristics you can expect from a traditional slate tile. Liteslate offers an authentic finish with riven edges, traditional colour choices and impeccable durability.

During the design process, real welsh slate was used in order to perfect the aesthetics and performance qualities of the LiteSlate. However, unlike natural slate, as a synthetic slate roofing tile, Liteslate won’t crack, break, chip or delaminate due to its ground-breaking design and cutting-edge manufacturing process. Furthermore, the LiteSlate is designed with the environment in mind. 94% of the Polymers that LiteSlate is made from are recycled. In 2021, Britmet recycled over three million kilograms of polypropylene during the Liteslate manufacturing process.

In summer 2019, the LiteSlate passed its fire testing with a BS476-3 Fire Rating and new mould designs started development due to increasing customer demand for the composite slate. We have 7 production lines manufacturing the Liteslate ensuring that 14 slates are made every 45 seconds to supply our customer demand.

As our Liteslate is compression moulded, it has detailed impressions displaying where to fix the slate making it even easier for DIY installation. It is also easy to cut as you only require a sharp, fine-tooth saw or sharp blade.

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